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Spanish test article

by Jan van der Crabben
submitted on 02 October 2013
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This is a collection of ancient measurement units. Please add whenever you find any, and we publish it later when we feel it's somewhat complete. Units of Weight Talent = 26kg Units of Length Foot (Roman) = c. 30 cm Cubit (Greek) = 46 cm Cubit (Egyptian & Sumerian) = 52 cm Cubit (Biblical) = 45 cm Stadium... [continue reading]
Encyclopedia Definition


submitted on 22 April 2014
Cahokia refers to the location where Mississippian culture thrived before European explorers landed in the Americas. From about 700 CE to 1400 CE, this site flourished and was once one of the greatest cities in the world. The early Native American cultural hub once boasted a wide variety of edifices, including everything from monumental structures... [continue reading]

Mini-lecture: LGBT in Ancient Egypt (UCL)

published on 10 April 2014
To celebrate LGBT History Month, the UCL Petrie Museum created an LGBT History Trail of objects that tell of homosexuality in ancient Egypt. It also considered some of the mythology and stories that construct ancient Egyptian sexuality. John Johnston, who is pursuing a PhD in UCL Archaeology, describes a few of the objects on display. Along with reliefs... [continue reading]
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