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Augustus Greek Hoplite Hadrian's Wall Gate Cuneiform Writing King Ashurnasirpal II The Royal Game of Ur Venus of Milo Plowing Egyptian Farmer Roman Agora in Tyre Book of the Dead Egyptian Cat Sennacherib Phoenician Trade Network Neo-Assyrian Empire Map of Ancient Athens Argolis Etruscan Civilization Palaestra in Tyre Map of Phoenicia Hadrian's Wall Pont Du Gard Aqueduct Battle of Chaeronia Map of Classical Greece Map of Persia and the March of the Ten Thousand Map of Alexander the Great's Conquests Sarcophagus of Ahiram Map of 2nd Century Roman Expansion Alexander the Great Lions Gate Detail (Mycenae) Map of Jewish Deportations King Ashurbanipal Acropolis Tomb of Xerxes Palace of Khorsabad Elam Map Elamite Cup Destruction of Susa Map of the ancient Near East during the Amarna Period Forum Romanum The Silk Road Persian Archers Achaemenid Empire Map Tomb of Cyrus the Great Map of the Battle of Gaugamela - Setup Map of the Battle of Gaugamela - Alexander's Attack Map of the Peloponnesian War, Beginning Euthydemos I Greek Trireme Map of Lydia Poulnabrone Dolmen Ur-Nammu World Map of Herodotus Map of the Akkadian Empire Akkadian Ruler Map of the Greco-Bactrian Kingdom Satyrs Making Wine Map of Hannibals Route into Italy Map of the Battle of Trebia The Battle of Lake Trasimene Map of the Hittite Empire Map of Troy Map of the Fertile Crescent Threshing of Grain in Egypt Carthage during the Punic Wars Phoenician Alphabet Evolution of the Phoenician Alphabet Map of Tartessos with Phoenician and Greek colonies Hatshepsut Temple of Hatshepsut Model of the Temple of Artemis Lighthouse of Alexandria Great Ziggurat of Ur Agora of Athens Pythia of the Oracle of Delphi Isis Map of Persepolis Map of Lugalzagesi's Domains Reconstruction of the Ziggurat of Ur Gudea of Lagash Temple of Zeus at Cyrene Lion Gate of Hattusa Hypaspist Spread of Christianity 325-600 AD Folio of Early Pauline Espitles Pompeii and Mt. Vesuivus Map of Europe in 220 BC Queen of the Night Macedonia under Philip II Scythian Warriors Temple of Apollo Odysseus & the Sirens Bikini Mosaic The Western Mediterranean 264 BCE Italian Penninsula Caesar's Campaign against the Helvetii Caesar's Campaign against the Belgae The Limes in Germany Routes of the Barbarian Invaders Empire of Justinian I The Sleeping Lady Ain Dara Temple Hittite Lion Statue Map of the Hittite Empire (c. 1300 BC) Map of Mesopotamia, c. 1400 BC Temple of Poseidon at Sounion Map of Gordium Map of Ancient Israel The Regions of Ancient Anatolia Map of the Roman Province of Galatia Greek and Aramaic inscriptions by king Ashoka Indo-Greek Campaigns Pasargadae Audience Hall Pasargadae Palace Prison of Solomon Tomb of Cyrus Empire of Cyrus the Great Roman Empire in 117 CE Panorama of Palmyra Ruins of Ebla Map of Europe in 125 AD Map of the Iberian Penninsula in 125 AD Nebuchadnezzar II Map of the Levant circa 830 BCE The Colosseum of Rome Map of the Mediterranean 218 BC The Akkadian Dynasty Bust of Parmenides Bust of Marcus Aurelius Lion of Babylon Knossos Bronze Age Boxing Fresco Amphitheatre of Epidaurus Ptolemy I Soter and Wife Eurydice Possible Pepper Trade Route Black Pepper Inceni Territory Old Forum of Leptis Magna Map of Lepcis Magna Stonehenge Plan of Stonehenge Map of the Indo-Saka Kingdoms Sanctuary of Apollon in Cyrene Agora of Cyrene The Eastern Hemisphere, 100 BC Bust of Marcus Antonius Bust of Cleopatra Cleopatra and Caesar Map of India, 600 BC Map of the Indus Valley Civilization Entrance to the royal palace at Ugarit Sanctuary of Apollo in Delphi Map of Classical Greek Sanctuaries Map of the Ptolemaic World Battles of Ancient Greece Map of Archaic Greece Map of Greece under Theban Hegemony Map of the Expansion of Macedon Map of Roman Dacia Map of the Tribes in Thrace Map of Prehistoric Illyria Map of the Illyrian Tribes Roman Expansion in Italy The Empire of Alexander the Great Lion's Gate at Mycenae Map of the Mediterranean 550 BC Gandhara Buddha Buddha with Hercules Protector Yakshi Map of Lutetia Map of Gaul Bust of Pythagoras Bronze Age Helmet The Pyramids of Giza Ruins of Ur Map of Minoan Crete Philip II of Macedon's 339 BC Campaign Ancient Near Eastern Metal Production Satrapies in the Macedonian Empire Roman Empire 271 AD Bust of Aurelian Victory Stele of Naram-Sin White Horse of Uffington Septimius Severus Map of Sumer and Elam Dancing girl of Mohenjo Daro Shiva Pashupati Nebra Sky Disc Great Zimbabwe Amenhotep III The Standard of Ur Ram in a Thicket Nebamun Hunting in the Marshes The judgement of the dead Queen Tiye Banner at the North Gate of Dholavira Supposed Location of the Land of Punt Statue of Idrimi Amorite pottery juglet Map of Ubaid Culture Ivory plaque depicting a winged sphinx Baal Statue Black-figured amphora (wine-jar) signed by Exekias as potter and attributed to him as painter Babylonian Map of the World The Flood Tablet, relating part of the Epic of Gilgamesh Statue of Ashurnasirpal II Colossal statue of a winged lion from the North-West Palace of Ashurnasirpal II Gypsum statue of a man Statue of Asklepios Meroitic Script Siege of Tyre Map of the New Kingdom of Egypt, 1450 BC Step Pyramid of Saqqara Hammurabi and Shamash The Battle of Zama - Troop Deployment Map: Year of the Four Emperors The Battle of Issus - Initial Dispositions The Battle of Issus - Movements to the Battlefield The Battle of Issus - The Decisive Moment Plan of the Old Baths of Pompeii Map of the Rhine frontier of the Roman empire, 70AD Battle of Cannae - Initial Deployment Battle of Cannae - Destruction of the Roman Army The Battle of Zama - Start of the Battle The Battle of Zama - Elephant Charge The Battle of Zama - Scipio's Attack The Battle of Zama - Cavalry Charge Scipio Africanus Map of the Battle of the Granicus Belisarius Map of the Vandalic War Map of the Gothic War Map of Byzantine Constantinople Map of Armenia, 50 AD Map Roman-Parthian War, 58-60 AD Map of the Roman-Parthian War, 61-63 AD Map of the Saxon Shore, ca. 380 AD Map of Roman Buildings in Carthage Portrait of Queen Hatshepsut Ancient Egyptian Brewery and Bakery Bust of Julius Caesar Map of Roman Britain, 150 AD Early writing tablet recording the allocation of beer Map of Sogdiana, ca. 300 BCE Foundation figure of Ur-Nammu Avenue of the Sphinxes, Thebes Map of the Successor Kingdoms, c. 303 BCE The Rams of Amon Egyptian Royal Woman Library of Celsus Map of Mesopotamia, 2000-1600 BC Map of the Trojan War States, c. 1200 BCE Ptolemy I Soter Map of the Third Intermediate Period Map of Roman Africa Poverty Point Alexander The Great and Roxane Map of Ancient Egypt Citadel of Aleppo Rachel Weisz as Hypatia of Alexandria Hephaistos / Vulcan Alexander the Great in Combat Torah The Book of Ballymote Ogham Stone Ogham Script: Vowels Ogham Script: Consonants Oxus River Urartian Wall Paintings Urartian Cuneiform Artemis / Diana Gold Cone of Ezelsdorf-Buch Bronze Age Women Rök Runestone Aphrodite The Birth of Venus The Birth of Venus Hermes Ludovesi Lion of Babylon Bust of Nero A Christian Dirce Dragon of the Ishtar Gate Tikal Model of the Ishtar Gate Map of the British Isles in 54 BC Map of the British Isles in AD 10 Map of the British Isles in AD 43 Ruins of Thera Ruins of Thera Lion Relief from Thera Akrotiri Ship Procession Fresco Map of Bronze Age Akrotiri Greek Trireme Shipsheds Mounichia Harbour Tiberius Statue of Hades and Cerberus Jason brings Pelias the Golden Fleece Apedemak Temple Autumn Forest Palmyra Castle Palmyra Mandrake Legio II Augusta Plaque Half-figure tombstone of Gaius Largennius Roman Army Reenactment The Intervention of the Sabine Women Territorial Expansion of the Sasanian Empire Senmurv Trireme Ramming Carthage and its Harbour Roman Victory Procession Spartan Warriors Naval Landing Map of Etruscan and Greek influence in Italy Map of Sumer Messalina Holding Britannicus Map of the Frankish Kingdoms AD 481-511 Map of the Frankish Kingdoms AD 511 Theodora I
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