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Antonine Wall

published on 14 January 2013
The Antonine Wall was the north-west frontier of the Roman Empire. Located in central Scotland, north of Edinburgh and Glasgow, the Wall was a linear barrier that stretched from the Firth of Forth near Bo'ness to the Clyde estuary at Old Kilpatrick. Chronologically, the Wall post-dates the initial construction of Hadrian's Wall, and was probably constructed... [continue reading]

Hadrian's Wall (Penguin History)

published on 14 January 2013
This book is widely considered by scholars of Hadrian's Wall and the Roman frontiers in Britain to be the standard text on Hadrian's Wall, tracing its history and building on more than a century of archaeological investigation. The authors begin with an investigation of "the concept of a frontier" from the late republic to Hadrian's decision... [continue reading]
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