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The Temple of Apollo at Didyma

published on 15 January 2014
Located about 11 miles south of the ancient port city of Miletus on the western coast of modern-day Turkey, the Temple of Apollo at Didyma or Didymaion was the fourth largest temple in the ancient Greek world. The temple’s oracle, second in importance only to that at Delphi, played a significant role in the religious and political life of both Miletus... [continue reading]

Temple of Artemis at Sardis

published on 16 January 2014
The Temple of Artemis at Sardis was the fourth largest Ionic temple in the ancient world. Construction began around 334 BCE, soon after Alexander the Great "liberated" Sardis from the Persians. The temple was renovated under the Romans in the 2nd century CE, at which time it appears to have also served as a temple to the imperial cult.
This is a view down into the inner chamber or adyton of the Temple of Apollo at Didyma in present-day western Turkey. The temple was unique in that the adyton was sunk below the level of the temple platform. This picture was taken from the top of the ancient staircase that led from the top of the temple platform back down into the adyton. This area was... [continue reading]
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