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Map of Colchis

by Christophorus Cellarius
published on 16 February 2012
Detail from the map “Bosporus, Maeotis, Iberia, Albania et Sarmatia Asiatica “ by CHRISTOPHORUS CELLARIUS (1638-1707), from the book “Notitiae Orbis Antiqui sive Geographiae Plenioris Tomus Alter Asiam et Africam“, printed in Leipzig by Gleditschi, in 1706. Based on works of Herodotus, Pliny the Elder and Ptolemy.

Heraclitus of Ephesos

by Johannes Moreelse
published on 16 February 2012
Heraclitus of Ephesos, painting from the 17th century by Johannes Moreelse.
Encyclopedia Definition


by Frantisek Valek
published on 21 February 2012
Ur-Nammu was the founder and first king of the Third Dynasty of Ur (according to the Sumerian King List). He is known as a builder of numerous aqueducts and reconstructed many ziggurats in various Sumerian cities. His most magnificent building achievement is the Great Ziggurat of Ur, a three-level ziggurat to the god Sin (also known as Nanna, the moon... [continue reading]
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