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We combine different media, subjects and periods in interactive ways that will help readers understand both the "big picture" and the detail. Editorial review is a key component in our process to ensure highest quality.




Tsohost.Logo.PrimaryWe are being sponsored by Tsohost, the company that has been hosting Ancient History Encyclopedia for several years now. This is great news as it not only saves us money, but above all it means that we can improve our service to you, with faster and better hosting.

We initially chose Tsohost because they had been recommended to us, and we were not disappointed! Of course there are cheaper hosting providers around, but Tsohost really convinced us with their service. They have advised us on what hosting solution is right for us, helped us move our site (which was not that easy because it is a custom-built content management system), and they have actively supported us ever since. Every problem was resolved in a few hours, and even the founder himself sometimes answers our support tickets.

We are extremely happy to have arrived at this cooperation. There are many free hosting solutions around... but instead of being anonymous and without any support, we much prefer being with our friendly, local hosting provider (they are only 70 km away from us). One of our strong beliefs is that trust can only be built when a company has a face, and Tsohost shares this philosophy.

Mr. Seb de Lemos, Director at Tsohost, told us: "At Tsohost we are delighted to sponsor ancient.eu.com with out hosting technology and services. We a
re strong supporters of non-for-profit organisations and appreciate the efforts these organisations go through to get information online for the benefit of us all. As a historian myself, I believe Ancient History Encyclopedia's aim to provide 'the best ancient history information on the internet for free is a great vision and we look forward to continuing supporting their cause."

Thank you, dear Tsohost, for sponsoring us!


uservoice-logo-300pxThe kind people at UserVoice are sponsoring us. We've been using their services for quite some time now; it's the little red feedback tab on the bottom right. They describe themselves in these terms: "UserVoice is the San Francisco-based startup that empowers you to help and understand your users so you can keep them happy with great support and be even smarter about building better products."

Well, we can honestly say that UserVoice has helped us better understand what our readers want. As they've now given us free access to all their services, we can not only improve our feedback forums, but we can now also add contact forms and a knowledge base to the site. Thank you very much for this support, UserVoice! :-)


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