A New Museum & Conservation Problems

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by James Blake Wiener
published on 30 November 2011
To our readers in the United States--specifically those of you in the Midwest--please be aware that a new museum is scheduled to open in Chicago, Illinois. The National Hellenic Museum is opening to the public on December 10, 2011, in Chicago's Greektown district. The new, four-story complex of 40,000 square feet will include several museum exhibitions on ancient and modern Greece. It also host seasonal and special exhibitions, concerts, and art shows. To learn more, please click here.

We also wanted to alert our readers that Italy's financial troubles continue to hamper the preservation and conservation of ancient treasures. The Voice of America has this timely article and video report, which we thought would interest a good many of you. Please click here to watch the video and read the accompanying article.
Posted by James Blake Wiener on November 30, 2011, 00:10.


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