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by James Blake Wiener
published on 25 May 2013
oercommonsThe Ancient History Encyclopedia is pleased to announce that we are officially listed and registered on Open Education Resources (OER). The creation and use of OER represents a shift in education that facilitates shared teacher expertise and peer-based learning. Free and open content is not only a new economic model for schools and students, but also a primary vehicle for disseminating flexible, adaptable curricula.

OER is a virtual network that brings together over 44,000 tools for sharing educational material. Additionally, OER provides news and training on how to approach and access open education tools. In essence, OER are teaching and learning materials freely available for everyone to use, whether one is an educator or student. This includes full courses, modules, syllabi, lectures, homework assignments, quizzes, lab activities, pedagogical materials, games, simulations, and many more resources contained in digital media collections from around the world.

Since its inception in 2009, AHE has been a non-profit educational company with a global vision: to provide the best ancient history information on the internet for free. Combining different media, subjects and periods, in interactive ways, we strive to help scholars understand both the "big picture" and the minute detail. Joining OER is a privilege, and we are delighted to be part of their expansive and innovative global network.

[AHE Press Release: 25/05/2013. Horsham, UK Headquarters]
Posted by James Blake Wiener on May 25, 2013, 15:36.


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