Roads of Arabia

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by James Blake Wiener
published on 11 April 2011
Roads of Arabia is the first major exhibition of ancient objects, jewelery, art, and goods from the Arabia Peninsula --specifically, Saudi Arabia. It will be on international tour until 2013, visiting Paris, Barcelona, St. Petersburg, Berlin, and Chicago along the way. Writing in the Parisian daily Le Figaro, Eric Biétry-Rivierre marveled at the discovery of "a brilliant and prosperous past, almost completely unknown in our latitudes." International Herald Tribune art critic Souren Melikian remarked that "the revelations to be found in hundreds of artifacts never before seen outside Saudi Arabia are startling." This groundbreaking exhibition sheds light on an interesting corner of the ancient world long overlooked, but interconnected with India, the Greco-Roman Mediterranean, China, Egypt, and Nubia. For more information, please visit the link above to read Richard Corvington's review of the exhibition in current edition of Saudi Aramco Magazine (March-April 20011). 
Posted by James Blake Wiener on April 11, 2011, 19:24.


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