The Horse from Arabia to Royal Ascot

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by Jan van der Crabben
published on 31 May 2012
The British Museum in London is hosting the new free exhibition The Horse from Arabia to Royal Ascot (24 May to 30 September 2012) on the history of the horse. Discover the epic story of the horse in this special free exhibition – a journey of 5,000 years that has revolutionised human history. The story focuses on two breeds – Arabians, which were prized in the desert for their spirit and stamina, and the Thoroughbred which was selectively bred from Arabians for speed and is now raced at world-famous courses such as Royal Ascot. Objects range from ancient to modern and include depictions of horses in stone reliefs, gold and clay models, horse tack, paintings by George Stubbs, and trophies and rosettes.
Posted by Jan van der Crabben on May 31, 2012, 08:08.


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