First Writers-The Sumerians

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  • James Bowden disapproved of this book on 15 May 2012


    I am a professor of History and Humanities and a specialist in Sumer and Akkad. Although I could produce a much longer review of this book I will keep my comments short and to the point.
    I purchased this book in preparation of a lecture that I was going to deliver to a group of people. I was immediately disappointed in fact returned the book two days later. The book does not offer the reader the information that he or she really needs to cover on this subject and the writing is very poor, especially for a professor.
    The main problems with the book, besides the above, was the content did not match the title as well the graphics were of very poor quality, the pictures appeared to be taken from a clipart program and images used throughout the book were highly pixilated.
    All of these problems were too much for me to really enjoy the book and the author spent a couple of chapters covering items wholly unrelated to the theme of the book. It should be pointed out that the book is through a self-publishing firm and not a reputable publishing house which offers a high level of editorial review and revisions. I would recommend other books and not wasting your time on this one. I sent it back for a refund and I purchased a couple of other books on the same subject but were much better.


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