Kings of Ugarit



published on 18 January 2011

Below is a list of the kigns of Ugarit. The dates follow the short chronology.

Ruler Reigned Comments
Ammittamru I ca. 1350 BC  
Niqmaddu II ca. 1350–1315 BC Contemporary of Suppiluliuma I of the Hittites
Arhalba ca. 1315–1313 BC  
Niqmepa ca. 1313–1260 BC Treaty with Mursili II of the Hittites, Son of Niqmadu II
Ammittamru II ca. 1260–1235 BC Contemporary of Bentisina of Amurru, Son of Niqmepa
Ibiranu ca. 1235–1225/20 BC addressee of the letter of Piha-walwi
Niqmaddu III ca. 1225/20 – 1215 BC  
Ammurapi ca. 1200 BC Contemporary of Chancellor Bay of Egypt, Ugarit is destroyed


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